Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ideas for Creating Your Own Family Fun Time

LEGO wants to know what kinds of activities we take part in to create some family fun time at our household. There are several different things that we love to do!


Eat Dinner Every Weeknight Together. Since I'm a busy mom, I plan ahead and cook meals through the week that only take about 30-40 minutes to cook so that I can enjoy the rest of my evening with my family. We all sit down at the dinner table and talk about what exciting things happend that day.

Take a Daily Walk in the Neighborhood Together. After dinner and before my son's bedtime, we take a daily walk around the neighborhood (unless it's raining). Since my son is only two years old, we take him either in a stroller or a backpack carrier. We have a mile long walk mapped out so we know we are getting in our dainly exercise too.

Play Board Games. My husband is a huge gamer. We have lots of board games, video games, and electronic games. Sometimes we invite friends over and have a friendly match against each other. We mix it up every week so it never gets boring!

Watch Movies Together. On Saturdays, we like to watch movies and make our own pizza at home. One of us gets to pick the type of movie we watch so we all get a chance to see something we like.  It makes for a much better time "at the movies."

Visit Local Parks. My family loves to visit parks where we live so we can hike, camp, picnic and ride our bikes. When we go to the park, we usually bring along lots of games to play.  If we stay overnight, we like to cook out on the fire and at night tell fun stories while we listen to music.

What are some family fun activities that you like to do? 

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Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Oh my daughter has just turned 3 and can now play several board/card games. I love that!

BTW, check your email, you are a giveaway winner from me! :-)

newmami_rgv said...

Ohh great tips. I like the daily walks the most. We use to do that after we had our first... but now with two, it's a bit tricky. Great way to advocate exercise.
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