Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personalize Your Holiday Cards This Year with the help of Purple Trail

Are you like me and buy the generic holiday cards in the box every year? Since my son was born two years ago, I've just now gotten into personalizing my holiday cards. Since we are a family now, it just means that much more to me that they are a little more personalized. There are many ways that can help personalize your holiday cards.

Here are some of the ways that I've personalized my holiday cards in the past:

1) Include a Family Photo: Every year, my family takes a photo around a beautiful landmark in the town that we live. We like to switch it up every year and take a picture outside but at different areas. One year we took a picture in a beautiful pasture with flowers all around us and another year we took it at a state park near a waterfall. That way, not only does our friends and family see an updated picture of us, they will see a beautiful local backdrop too.

2) Include a favorite holiday memory: We all have the those really memorable holiday moments, like when the dog ate the turkey when no one was looking or when Uncle Sam broke out in a song at the end of the meal. So, include a memory or two in your next holiday card. It will bring a little piece of your family out with your card to the other family and friends that you won't be able to visit with during the upcoming holiday season.

3) Have a new addition to the family? Include a baby, pet or new house announcement with the card. We are all super busy. If you have a new addition to the family, like a new baby boy or girl, new pet dog, or even moved into a new house, include it in your holiday card this year! Why not go ahead and announce the exciting news while you wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season? I'm sure everyone would love to hear the news!

4) Include a drawing that your child made: Have a favorite drawing the your child drew this year? Scan it in and create a photo out of it and include it in the design of your holiday card this year. Not only will your family and friends get to see such amazing artwork but your card will be unique and one-of-a-kind!

5) Send a favorite family recipe as your Holiday Card: You know all those recipes you keep stashed away just for special occasions? This would be a great way to pass on Great-Grandma's recipe for sweet potato pie or Aunt Susie's recipe for homemade yeast rolls. Choose a recipe that brings back great memories for you and continues to be a part of your family holiday. Your family and friends would be so honored to have it and it will help keep the recipes alive and create more memories for others.

 I'm always on the look out for a company that will help me do just that.

This year, I'm thinking about using PurpleTrail's personalized holiday cards to help make my cards more special. Their Personalized Design Center allows you to personalize your cards by adding a special background, text, photos, embellishments, frames, shapes and special effects.

Some of the holiday designs that stood out to me were:


PurpleTrail doesn't just specialize in Holiday Cards, but also Baby Announcements, and Birthday Invitations.

Happy Holidays! Now, go personalize those holiday cards!

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