Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Weekend Savings...My New Project

Can you believe that since I've been clipping coupons, I've never actually tracked how much I'm saving by using coupons when I shop?  It's probably because it takes time which I don't have but I thought it would be good to show me, my family and you, the readers in case you are just starting out and need some encouragement. Even though it's almost at the end of 2010, I thought I'd go ahead and start. I'm going to track my weekly savings and put the tally on the right side of my blog for future tracking. That way, I can see the fruits of my labor and feel good about the time it takes to find, clip and use the coupons at the store.

This weekend, I went to five stores. I usually plan out my weekend shopping early Saturday morning and then hit the stores throughout the weekend when I can. I generally do grocery shopping only at one store on Sunday morning and get incidentals and toiletries at CVS and Walgreens. Here's how my weekend was mapped out:

2 - Nivea Lip Balms
Total Spent: $.00
Total Saved: 5.98

Green Tag Scanned
1 - Halloween Lighted Jack o' Lantern - $5.99
*used CVS Coupon for $5 Off Halloween Decor
*at checkout, a CVS MFR Coupon of $.99 also deducted
*earned $1 ECB for green tag
Total Spent: $0.00
Total Saved: $5.99

1 - Merona Wallet - $2.98
*used $2 off Merona accessories coupon
1 - Merona Women's Dress - $9.98 (clearance)
*used $3 Off Merona dress coupon
2 - Glade Fall Air Freshners - $3.99 each
*used 1 $1 off Target Coupon & B1G1 manufactuer coupon
Total Spent: $12.11
Total Saved: $10.99

Kids Shoes - $5.99, marked down from 29.99!!!
Total Spent: $6.48
Total Saved: $24.00

HEB (Grocery Store):
# of Items Purchased: 21
Total Spent: $39.77
Total Saved: 18.08

My Savings Tally for Week 39 of 52: $65.04

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