Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Came in Your Mailbox?

I got some great stuff in the mail!
Usually, I'll get 3-4 freebies in the mail a week.

Here's what I got:

"On Top of Spagetti" Children's Book -
(played an interactive game and won!)

Coupon for a FREE

FREE Beveri Flax Seed Sample -

Coupons for FREE products of:
KOOL-AID Fun Fizz Drink Drops ($2.49 value)
HOMESTYLE DELUXE Mac & Cheese ($3.99 value)
New DiGIORNO Deep Dish Pizza ($3.30 value)
KRAFT 100 Calorie Cheese Bites ($3.29 value)
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats ($4.50 value)
Ritz Crackerfuls Filled Crackers ($3.49 value)
over $20 value!!!

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