Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NCP: Make Your Opinion Count

"The National Consumer Panel is a "mini-U.S.A.," representing millions of Americans.
 By scanning the barcodes on their purchases and completing fun surveys,
 panelists truly make their opinions count in the consumer marketplace."

Recently, I became a member of the National Consumer Panel.
It took several months on the waiting list, but I finally received my scanner.

Why Join the National Consumer Panel?
-Receive Rewards for Scanning Your Purchases
(Examples: digital cameras, game consoles, luggage, toys)
-Let Companies Know Your Voice as a Consumer
-It's Easy as 1, 2, 3

Go here to join the National Consumer Panel today.

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1 comment:

cookiesANDclogs said...

Wow, you get all that equipment??!! I may receive mine soon but I'm not sure if that was a notice of a waiting list or the panel list. Either way, that's a lot of stuff. Okay, spill it, what was the first thing you scanned?