Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle Review

I can't wait to tell you about a product that I have recently tried. This one is from Miss Oops and they provided me a product to try called Pedicure in a Bottle.

Who is Miss Oops?
Miss Oops manufactures and markets a variety of beauty-saving, problem-solving products for women. The Miss Oops brand comprises of several patent-pending products, including a dry sponge that removes deodorant marks and a medical-grade adhesive that prevents pregnant women’s navels from showing through their garments. The mission of Miss Oops is to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere.

What did I get to review?


Pedicure in a Bottle - 4.5 oz.
What do I think of Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle?
This product does exactly what it promises to do. It doesn't make your feet feel like sandpaper. When I first put the product on my feet I knew it would be different. I've tried so many different exfoliating lotions and none of them kept my skin from getting rough again. The product goes on so smooth and hydrated my tough, cracked, flaking skin. The very first ingredient is purified water so I knew it was going to be different. I love to wear flip flops but shy away from them because of the way my heals look. So bad, espeically in the summer. The lotion allowed me to still be that mom on the go. I put it on in the morning and just put on my shoes and went to work. So easy. I love easy. At night, I just put some more on and went to bed. In two weeks I had significantly better looking skin. I'm not embarrased to wear flip flops anymore!
How can you get your own Pedicure in a Bottle?
You can order this product online for $18.00 through their website at To find a retailer near you, go HERE to do a search for stores in your area that carry this product.
Disclosure: I was provided a sample of the product to facilitate this review at no cost and was not compensated for reviewing this sample. The opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine. Thank you to the generous people at Miss Oops for providing me the sample. Content and photos are from the Miss Oops website.

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