Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freebies in my Mailbox from last week...

So, I took the day off yesterday from working on the blog and didn't
get my usual Mailbox Monday post up so I'd thought I'd go ahead
and tell you what I got in my mailbox from last week!

Here's the loot:
.50c off Achooz Coupon
.50 off Boogie Wipes Coupon
15 Individually wrapped Boogie Wipes
*this was sent after I emailed the company a compliment!
2 - Coupons for FREE Lucky Leaf Products up to 3.99 value
4 - $1 Off any Lucky Leaf Product

Giveaway Contests:
$10 Gift Certificate to Rapture Fashions

Old Navy - 40% off Baby Item
Best Buy - 10% off various electronics

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