Friday, September 17, 2010

Frugal Recipe: Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney

This is a fabulous weekend meal that you just
throw into the crockpot and forget about.

Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney

Recipe adapted from this recipe.

2-3 Lbs. of Turkey Breasts
1 Can of Whole Cranberries in Sauce
1 Envelope of Lipton's Onion Herb Soup Mix

Place thawed turkey breasts in medium size crock pot.
In small bowl, mix together can of cranberries and onion soup mix.
Pour over turkey breasts.
Place lid on crock pot and cook on high for two hours.
Then turn it to low for another six hours.
Pour remaining liquid in small saucepan.
Cook on medium high heat until thick and bubbly.
Pour over sliced turkey breast and serve.

I chose to serve it with a traditional cornbread stuffing
since I got it for free at the store and it was easy to make.
No fuss, no muss cooking for the weekend, I love it!!

Happy Cooking,

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