Monday, February 28, 2011

Have You Heard of MommyParties?

What are MommyParties?

Mommy Parties are fun and exciting, product-sponsored, in-home gatherings of moms. Every Mommy Party has a Host Mom who is an influencer in her community. The Host Mom invites a minimum of 10 of her friends to enjoy a party themed around your brand of product. It’s a great way to generate buzz among moms with peer-to-peer sharing and sampling of your products.

How do you get started in hosting Mommy Parties?

To host MommyParties™, sign up at

It's so easy to sign up and if selected you get sent a Mommy Host Party Pack full of goodies from a company that has partnered up with MommyParties. I've hosted an Episencial MommyParty and got a TON of free products to share with my family and the other moms I know. It was awesome.

Recently, I was selected for the Nutella Mommy Party!  I should get my party pack in a couple of days!

You should go and sign up right now, it's so worth it!

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